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Japanese copper basketwork box, 19th century

All in copper basketry, our discreetly gilded and lacquered box is a typical Japanese aesthetic:…


Copper box, lacquer and gilding. Japan, 19th century.

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Bronze signed Jean Gaspar (1861 – 1931), March 1918

Today considered the greatest Belgian animal sculptor, Jean Gaspar was a tormented artist whose genius is today compared to that of a Rembrandt Bugatti or an Auguste Trémont. A little-known artist whose sculpture we had the pleasure of presenting in a gallery.


Elephant in bronze dated and signed Jean Gaspar.

The Silver Hallmarks: Identifying and Dating

Nothing is easier than finding a hallmark on a piece of silverware. It is still necessary to be able to identify it and to know its meaning! A few clarifications to help you find your way around.


Solid silver vegetable dish, late 18th century.

The Pipat House

Since 1900

Founded over a century ago, our House is one of the oldest in Bordeaux. It all started with Ulysses …

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Pipat Antiquités at Bordeaux Au 64 rue Notre-Dame, Bordeaux

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