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The Naval Chest from Nuremberg or Pirate Chest

Rare witnesses of the daily life of corsairs and crews in the 17th and 18th centuries, naval safes,…

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Chest made in Nuremberg in 1724 by Johann Georg Ott © Museum of Art and History of Geneva

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Perfume Vases

In the 18th century, the perfumed court designated that of King Louis XV. Because if there was once a time when the refinement of perfumes took on an unprecedented scale, that of the "Bien-Aimé" shone in this area with a very particular brilliance.

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Pair of earthenware vases from Sarreguemines, “Duplessis” model dated 1904

Rare monumental earthenware pieces from Sarreguemines, these potiches and their pedestals are the fruit of the encounter between the historicist current and artistic craftsmanship. These elegant and admirable pieces are a tribute to the taste of the reign of Louis XV.

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Paire de potiches en faïence de Sarreguemines, modèle « Duplessis » daté de 1878

The Pipat House

Since 1900

Founded over a century ago, our House is one of the oldest in Bordeaux. It all started with Ulysses …

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Pipat Antiquités at Bordeaux Au 64 rue Notre-Dame, Bordeaux

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